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above the fold
the section of a Web page that is visible without scrolling.

ad space
the space on a Web page available for advertisements.

ALT text
HTML attribute that provides alternative text when non-textual elements, typically images, cannot be displayed.

animated GIF
a graphic in the GIF89a file format that creates the effect of animation by rotating through a series of static images.

a link stored in a Web browser for future reference.

cascading style sheets (CSS)
a data format used to separate style from structure on Web pages.

a small icon that is used by some browsers to identify a bookmarked Web site.

multimedia technology developed by Macromedia to allow much interactivity to fit in a relatively small file size.

a structure that allows for the dividing of a Web page into two or more independent parts.

home page
the main page of a Web site.

a scripting language developed by Netscape and used to create interactive Web sites.

when Web pages previously accessible at a particular URL are no longer reachable at that URL due to movement or deletion of the pages.

that which facilitates movement from one Web page to another Web page.

shopping cart
software used to make a site's product catalogue available for online ordering, whereby visitors may select, view, add/delete, and purchase merchandise.

site search
search functionality specific to one site.

splash page
a branding page before the home page of a Web site.

Web browser
a software application that allows for the browsing of the World Wide Web.

Web design
the selection and coordination of available components to create the layout and structure of a Web page.

Web site usability
The ease with which visitors are able to use a Web site.


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