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Wayback Machine
A very large "archive" of the web. The Wayback Machine stores "snapshots of sites", allowing users to have a look at how sites looked "wayback" then.

web copywriting
Copywriting specifically aimed at an online audience. It shares many of the ground rules of offline copywriting, but has quickly evolved to become a stand-alone science. Recently it has also begun taking into account how spiders see web pages. Although there are many who feel copywriters should focus on converting visitors to customers and not be concerned with getting visitors, there are strong arguments for SEO considerations to form part of web copywriting.

A fairly old meta search engine.

Describing the technique search engines use to compare the relevance of different documents to a query. Search engines effectively "weigh" different pages based on things like the occurrence of keywords in the title etc. in order to list documents in order from most to least relevant.
Also see score.

A type of search where the query is a domain name and the result shows details of the domain, like when it was registered, by whom, when it expires etc.

A fairly large search engine. Wisenut was at one stage (about 2001) considered a credible threat to Google's dominance, but has failed to deliver on that early promise.

word stuffing
See keyword stuffing


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