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variable / URL variable
Refers to information that is passed to the server with the URL that the server uses within the context of a script or server-based program.

vertical portal
See vortal

virtual domain
A domain that is hosted on a virtual server. The domain is unique, but the IP address is normally shared with other domains. This has some implications for SEO. Please refer to the Search Engine Yearbook for a more detailed discussion on the importance of having a unique IP address.

virtual server
When a domain is hosted on a virtual server, it means that it shares that server with other domains. This is a very cost effective way of hosting web sites, but access speeds are not as high as for domains hosted on dedicated servers.
Also see virtual domain.

The term is sometimes confused with unique visitor. The difference is that one unique visitor visiting a site repeatedly over a period of time will show up on the site's log file as many visitors. The term therefore refers to the number of times people visit a site - not the actual number of people visiting a site.

The term is used to describe portals that focus on one specific (vertical) topic. In other words, they target at a specific group of people - like programmers, SEO specialists etc. - by providing in-depth information on that topic.


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