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unique visitor
Used to describe one person visiting a site. That one person may generate multiple visits over a period of time, therefore log files normally show more visits than unique visitors. The shortened version "uniques" is sometimes used to refer to unique visitors.

Short for unique visitors.

unique user
See unique visitor.

The process of transferring information from a local drive to a server - specifically when that information then becomes accessible via the Internet.

Uniform Resource Locator / Universal Resource Locator. A unique Internet address (for example http://www.pandecta.com) that every Internet resource must have in order to be located.

URL conversion
Used to render dynamic site as to appear static, URLs that contain variable information denoted with "?" and "&" such as:
to appear as:
and thus conforming to the rules set forth by some systems. The conversion does have some processing overhead for the server, but this is generally not a problem.

URL submission
See submission.

URL variable
See variable.


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