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A seldom-used term, more often called spamdexing. It refers to the misrepresentation of meta tags and page content in order to gain an unfair advantage in the search engines. The term is sometimes differentiated from spamdexing in that it is used to refer to pages that, through stealth, rank highly although they are poorly optimized. The idea is to deliberately mislead others who might steal the page.

ODP (Open Directory Project) / DMOZ
A massive directory continually expanded by volunteers. What sets this directory apart is that it makes its database of indexed documents available to other directories & search engines. A listing here results in the page automatically being listed in many other directories and search engines. The model of using volunteer editors is fairly ambitious - and surprisingly successful. It is a mammoth achievement and an asset to the online world. Getting a site indexed at ODP can be difficult, so we've included comprehensive guidelines and a full review of this directory in the Search Engine Yearbook.

off the page / off the page factors / off the page criteria
Those factors that impact the ranking of a web page but that are not located on the web page itself. Inbound links, anchor text etc. are examples of off the page factors.

In the context of search engines it refers specifically to a file that defines relationships between words.
Also see fuzzy matching.

Open Directory Project (ODP)

Open Text
A fairly large directory listing only business sites.

"AND", "NOT" and "OR" as used in Boolean Searching.

optimize / optimization
A page is said to be optimized when it has been structured in such a way that it ranks well (on the SERPs) for those keywords it targets. It is a fairly subjective concept. What some see as optimization might be termed spamdexing by others. In the strictest sense, optimization means simply making a page spider-friendly by, for example, using text links rather than image links. In the SEO industry the term is more often used as a collective name for all the "tricks" webmasters use to improve a page's ranking.

origination page
According to Chris Sherman's "New Web Map Reveals Previously Unseen 'Bow Tie' Organizational Structure", origination pages are typically new or obscure pages that haven't yet attracted interest from the larger, more inter-linked web community, or that are only linked to from other origination pages.
Source: http://www.infotoday.com/newsbreaks/nb000522-1.htm
Also see termination page.

outbound link
When site A links to site B, site A has an outbound link and site B has an inbound link.

The largest and most popular of the PPC (pay-per-click) search engines. Formerly known as Goto. For an in-depth look at Overture and different PPC strategies, please refer to the Search Engine Yearbook.


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