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Natural Language Processing (NLP)
A system that allows search engine users to type a question rather than keywords. There are a couple of ways to do this kind of processing. At the simplest level, the search engine simply removes the stop words in the question to leave keywords that are then processed as if it was a regular query. At the other end of the scale are very advanced systems that use statistics and linguistic analysis to accurately match documents to the user's question. The best-known example of this kind of approach is the AskJeeves (www.askjeeves.com) search engine.

Natural Linking
Describes the hypertext links found on web sites that are part of text content and that link to expanded or additional information on a subject without consideration of their value in link popularity.

An early Internet company, since acquired by AOL. The company is famous for its Netscape Navigator browser that dominated the browser scene from 1994 to about 1997.

Netscape Navigator
An early web browser, based on the Mosaic model and developed by the Netscape company - as they were then known. The browser is still around today, available from www.netscape.com. It's popularity declined rapidly after Microsoft steamrollered the browser scene (about 1997) by starting to bundle their Internet Explorer browser with Windows.

Former name of ODP.

A discussion forum where users can post messages and reply to other users.

Northern Light
Used to be a popular search engine. Although it still has a searchable database, it is a "special collection" of articles that only paying customers may access.


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