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electronic library
The term normally refers to web sites that provide access to public information like catalogs, e-books, databases, audio files etc.
Also see cybrarian.

entry page
See doorway page

Earnings Per Click. A unit of measure used to determine a site's ability to convert visitors into customers. Calculated by dividing total sales amount by total page views.
Also see EPV, ROI, conversion rate.

Earnings Per Visitor. A unit of measure used to determine a site's ability to convert visitors into customers. Calculated by dividing total sales amount by total number of visitors to the site.
Also see EPC, ROI, conversion rate.

Once a month Google updates its entire index of web sites. That is called the Google Dance and can last for a couple of days - usually it's from about the 20th to the 28th of every month. Around June/July 2002 we started seeing something else though. Google results started changing all through the month, in between the major updates. This continuous change became known as everflux. It happens because Google, in an ongoing effort to make their results as relevant as possible, has introduced a "fresh crawl" that runs each day. The idea behind the fresh crawl is to update pages that change regularly. This allows Google to serve results that are up-to-date with current events.

One of the major search engines. For a detailed look at Excite and the other major search engines, please refer to our detailed discussion in the Search Engine Yearbook.

exact match
If not for partial matching, fuzzy matching, collaborative filtering and stemming, search engines would only return exact matches. A search for "power" would only return documents containing the exact term, not documents containing variations or related terms like powerful, strength etc.

expert document
A document that links to many other (same-topic) documents. Some search engines only consider links from expert documents - as opposed to all documents in the collection - when determining link popularity. According to the Hilltop paper, expert documents are "pages that have been created with the specific purpose of directing people towards resources".

expert index
A special sub-collection within a search engine index. An expert index consists only of documents that are considered expert documents.

expert link
A link to or from an expert document.

expert page
See expert document

eye candy
Aesthetically pleasing web sites are said to provide eye-candy. The term is used to describe sites both positively and negatively. In the context of search engines and SEO, eye candy is generally perceived as unnecessary, not contributing to the marketing effort.


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