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backlink / back link
A link on another page that links to the page you are viewing. Also called an inbound link.

backward link
See backlink

A technique (considered spam) used in SEO. It involves creating an optimized page and a regular page. The optimized page is submitted to the search engines and replaced with the regular page as soon as the optimized page has been indexed. For more on this technique (and why you shouldn't bother), please refer to the Search Engine Yearbook.

banner blindness
Refers to a "condition" amongst experienced web users who tend to automatically ignore banner ads. Banner blindness is arguably the main cause of low click-through rates in banner advertising. For a more detailed comparison between different Internet advertising techniques, please refer to the Search Engine Yearbook.

begins-with partial word matching
Some search engines will match indexed words that contain a search term at the beginning. For example, if you're searching for "guns", documents containing the following variations of the term will show up in your search results:
Guns (exact match)
Gunsmith (Begins-with partial word matching)
Gunslinger (Begins-with partial word matching)
Also see partial word matching.

Advanced features. A web site is said to have too many bells-and-whistles when it contains unnecessary animations etc. In the context of SEO, bells-and-whistles are generally seen as a hinderance since they rarely contribute to high search engine rankings and may even cause a site to rank poorly.

A testing stage / testing version of a product. For example, when a beta version of a search engine is released, users can access it online and are encouraged to report bugs and give general feedback.

Boolean search
A Boolean combination of terms allowing the inclusion or exclusion from search results of documents containing certain words. This is achieved through the use of operators such as AND, NOT and OR.

bibliometric analysis
see Link Tracking

The amount you are willing to pay for keyword ranking on PPC search engines.

The name "blog" is a truncated form of "web log" according to Rebecca Blood's essay "Weblogs: a history and perspective."
Additional information:
The term "blog" is used to refer to sites that can best be described as mini-directories, often populated with the site owner's personal favorites and his/her comments. Blogs often contain message boards, chat rooms, articles archives etc.

Optimization of a blog for search engines. Special consideration is needed unless the blog is contained within part of a site, since most blogs are only a single page with content that changes daily.

bridge page / bridging page
See doorway page.

short for: broad bandwidth
A high-capacity data transmission channel. Broadband access to the Internet allows users to send and receive data at a much higher speed than is possible with a regular phone line. Broadband utilizes the same frequency division multiplexing technique used in cable TV, allowing for the simultaneous transmission of different types of signals.

broken link
See dead link

a.k.a. Web browser
A program used to display Internet content. Two of the best-known and most widely used browsers are Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer. Browsers read coded (HTML, JavaScript etc.) pages and display them as web pages. Browsers typically include features such as bookmarks, back & forward buttons etc.

browser compatibility
Referring to the different ways different browsers display the same page. A key consideration in web design (and SEO) is to create pages that are browser independent - in other words pages that work as they are supposed to regardless of the user's choice of browser.

An error or glitch in a program / search engine.

A rapid increase in the popularity of a new topic. In the search engine world a burst refers to a significant but usually short-lived increase in both the number of searches done on a specific topic and the number of relevant documents on that topic. Bursts are often related to news stories, new technological advances etc.


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