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electronic commerce on interactive television.

a high-speed (1.54 megabits/second) Internet connection.

a very high-speed (45 megabits/second or higher) Internet connection.

TCP/IP (Transfer Control Protocol/Internet Protocol)
a software standard used by the Internet to understand all computer languages and most computers.

Target audience
the intended audience for an ad, usually defined in terms of specific demographics (age, sex, income, etc.) product purchase behavior, product usage or media usage.

Terms & Conditions
the details of the contract accompanying an insertion order. See iab.net for voluntary guidelines for standard terms & conditions for Internet advertising for media buys.

Textual ad impressions
the delivery of a text-based advertisement to a browser. To compensate for slow Internet connections, visitors may disable "auto load images" in their graphical browser. When they reach a page that contains an advertisement, they see a marker and the advertiser's message in text format in place of the graphical ad. Additionally, if a user has a text-only browser, only textual ads are delivered and recorded as textual ad impressions.

Third-party ad server
independent outsourced companies that specialize in managing, maintaining, serving, tracking, and analyzing the results of online ad campaigns. They deliver targeted advertising that can be tailored to consumers' declared or predicted characteristics or preferences.

302 Redirect
the process of a server sending a browser the location of a requested ad, rather than sending the ad itself. Ad servers use 302 redirects to allow them to track activities such as ad requests or ad clicks.

the amount of data transmitted through Internet connectors in response to a given request.

tracer or tag which is attached by the receiving server to the address (URL) of a page requested by a user. A token lasts only through a continuous series of requests by a user, regardless of the length of the interval between requests. Tokens can be used to count unique users.

Total ad impressions
the total of all graphical and textual ad impressions delivered, regardless of the source. See ad impression.

Total unique users
see unique user.

Total visits
total number of browsers accessing a Web site within a specific time period. Total visits should filter robotic activity, but can include visits from repeat visitors.

Total visitors
total number of browsers or individuals which have accessed a site within a specific time period.

the number of visits and/or visitors who come to a Web site.

the successful response to a page request; also when a browser receives a complete page of content from a Web server.

Transitional ad
an ad that is displayed between Web pages. In other words, the user sees an advertisement as he/she navigates between page ‘a’ and page ‘b.’ Also known as an interstitial.

Transitional pop up
an ad that pops up in a separate ad window between content pages.

a command from the host server that notifies the viewer's set-top box that interactive content is available at this point. The viewer is notified about the available interactive content via an icon or clickable text. Once clicked by using the remote control, the trigger disappears and more content or a new interface appears on the TV screen.


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