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Mailing list
an automatically distributed e-mail message on a particular topic going to certain individuals.

additional ad impressions which are negotiated in order to make up for the shortfall of ads delivered versus the commitments outlined in the approved insertion order.

a term referring to mobile commerce which is the ability to conduct monetary transactions via a mobile device, such as a WAP-enabled cell phone.

Media objects
files, other than HTML documents, which can be displayed or executed within HTML documents, or in a stand-alone fashion. Examples currently include GIFs, JPEGs, video, audio, Flash objects (SWF), PDF, Java applets, and other objects which can be viewed through a browser or using a “plug-in” (see plug-in).

a million bytes.

Metcalfe's Law
the value of a network increases geometrically with the number of people who use it.

multi-page ads accessed via click-through from initial ad. User stays on the publisher’s Web site, but has access to more information from the advertiser than a standard ad format allows.

MIME (Multi-purpose Internet Mail Extensions)
a method of encoding a file for delivery over the Internet.

MIP (Mobile Internet Provider)
ISPs dedicated to providing wireless service.

a computer file format that compresses audio files by a factor of 12 from a .wav file.

Modem speeds
the speed at which one connects to the Internet through his/her computer's modem. There are dial-up and cable modems. The dial-up modem speeds include 14.4, 28.8, 33.6, 56K and ISDN. Cable modem speeds range between 500 K and 2.5 Mbps. T1 and T3 are high-speed connections that do not require a modem. See also DSL.

device which transfers digital signals to analog signals and vice versa suitable for sending across phone or cable lines.

Moore's Law
the speed of computing doubles every 18 months.

the process by which a user places his/her mouse over a media object, without clicking. The mouse may need to remain still for a specified amount of time to initiate some actions.

1) the file format that is used to compress and transmit movies or video clips online; 2) standards set by the Motion Picture Exports Group for video media.

MRC (Media Rating Council)
a non-profit trade association dedicated to assuring valid, reliable and effective syndicated audience research. The MRC performs audits of Internet measurements as well as traditional media measurements.

Multi-camera angle or individualized television
a technology that allows viewers to control camera angles during live events, select which commercials they want to watch, and generally control a selection of choices content producers provide as part of the broadcast. E-commerce and interaction with those commercials is possible. In the backend, servers collect choice information and offer viewers further selections based on those choices.


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