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the amount of time between making an online request or command and receiving a response. See latency.

LAN (Local Area Network)
a group of computers connected together (a network) which are at one physical location.

Large rectangle
an IMU size. The IAB’s voluntary guidelines include seven Interactive Marketing Unit (IMU) ad formats; two vertical units and five large rectangular units. See iab.net for more information

1) time it takes for a data packet to move across a network connection; 2) visible delay between request and display of content and ad. Latency sometimes leads to the user leaving the site prior to the opportunity to see. In streaming media, latency can create stream degradation if it causes the packets, which must be received and played in order, to arrive out of order.

an electronic connection between two Web sites. Also called "hot link" and hyperlink.

a mailing list comprised of e-mail addresses.

a program that automatically sends e-mail to a list of subscribers or listserv.

usually used with up-load or down-load, it means to transfer files or software from one computer or server to another computer or server. In other words, it is the movement of information online.

a file that keeps track of network connections.

Log file
a file that records transactions that have occurred on the Web server. Some of the types of data which are collected are: date/time stamp, URL served, IP address of requestor, status code of request, user agent string, previous URL of requestor, etc. Use of the extended log file format is preferable.

the identification or name used to access a computer, network or site.


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