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The top part of an email or web page that is seen without scrolling. This is generally more desirable placement because of its visibility.

Third party to verify subscriber membership.

Cost Per Action (CPA)
Advertiser is charged only for the action or acquisition of a transaction

Cost Per Click (CPC)
Advertiser is charged only for clicks received.

Cost Per Thousand (CPM)
CPM refers to the total cost to deliver 1,000 impressions. Most common method to describe the rate of an online ad purchase. Total cost divided by the number of thousands of visitors.

Data about the size and characteristics of audience.

Double opt-in Email
With double opt-in, a submitted email address is not immediately added to a mailing list. Instead, an email is sent to the address, asking to confirm that the name should indeed be added. If the recipient of the confirmation email does nothing, the submitted address is taken off of any mailings. The name is only added to a distribution list if the recipient responds to the confirmation email.

Email Appending
E-mail appending is the practice in which a marketer leverages offline data to match profiles with users and contact via e-mail.

Email Blacklists
Lists of IP addresses that are being used by or belong to organizations or individuals that have been identified as sending Spam. Blacklists are often used by organizations and Internet Service Providers as part of their filtering process to block all incoming mail form a particular IP address (or block of addresses).

Email Bounce - Soft
An email address that is rejected by the receiving server for a reason that is most likely temporary in nature (example: "mailbox is full"). Soft bounces are vaild email addresses and should be mailed to unless they become a hard bounce.

Email Bounce - Hard
An email address that is rejected by the receiving server for some permanant reason (example: "email address does not exist"). Hard bounces are not vaild email addresses and should be removed from lists.

Email Contextual link
A Web link incorporated into a line of text. These look less clumsy and perform better than ?

Email List Manager
Controller of email list or database entity

Email marketing
the promotion of products or services via email.

Email Marketing Campaign
Coordinated email marketing messages delivered at intervals and with an overall objective in mind.

Email Marketing Creative
Terminology used for ad copy. Email ad copy can be in many different formats including HTML, Text, Shockwave, etc.

Email Marketing Subject Line
The title of the email message. This is the first element of the communication recipients will see when they access their email. It has to grab attention and be credible or the email will not get opened.

Email newsletter
an email message sent out to a group of subscribers with relevant information on a topic. Often used to capture Web site visitor?s email addresses, they can also be used to keep in touch with existing customers, or simply as a means of distributing new information product.

Email Frequency
The intervals at which email marketing efforts are repeated: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, etc.

Geo Targeting
The ability to target users by geography such as city, state, country and zip code.

an electronic magazine, whether delivered via a Web site or an email newsletter.

ezine directory
directory of electronic magazines, typically of the email variety.

HTML email
email that is formatted using Hypertext Markup Language, as opposed to plain text email.

HTML Email Message Click Rate
The percentage of the ad views that resulted in a click-through.

HTML Email Click-through
When a reader takes action and clicks on a link. To determine the click-through rate, divide the number of responses by the number of emails opened (multiply this number by 100 to express the result as a percentage).

HTML Email Unique Users
The number of different individuals who click on an ad link within a specific period of time.

Insertion Order
An agreement that specifies aspects related to an ad campaign.

Opt-in Email
The action a person takes when they agree, by email or other means, to receive communications. It requires a mechanism to encourage and allow people to become recipients.

Opt-out Email
The action a person takes when they choose not to receive communications. It requires a mechanism by which people can ask to be removed from your email list.

pass-along rate
the percentage of people who pass on a message or file.

permission marketing
marketing centered around obtaining customer consent to receive information from a company.

Identification of personality characteristics and attitudes that affect a person's lifestyle and purchasing behaviors. Psychographic data points include opinions, attitudes, and beliefs about various aspects relating to lifestyle and purchasing behavior.

Author of ezine/newsletter or web property.

Rate Card
Document listing space or rates of an advertisement, technical specifications and closing dates issued by the seller of the ad space.

Subscribers individual list or publications audience size.

ROI (Return On Investment)
Generally refers to the advertiser's desire to have a return on the advertising funds invested in media.

Unsolicited commercial email.

Spam Filter
Software used to redirect unsolicited email away from a users inbox.

Spam Trap
Email addresses that have been specifically created to detect individuals who have illegally scraped or collected email addresses. The belief is that any email sent to a spam trap address is indeed Spam, as the email address is not usually used as a real email address.

sig file
a short block of text at the end of a message identifying the sender and providing additional information about them.

Highly visible or exclusive ad placement.

viral marketing
marketing phenomenon that facilitates and encourages people to pass along a marketing message.


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