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An open source web server software.

Asp Hosting
Web hosting that supports Active Server Pages, a server-side scripting environment from Microsoft.

A program that sends an automatic form response to incoming emails.

How much data can be transmitted in a time period over a communications channel, often expressed in kilobits per second (kbps).

Burstable Bandwidth
A hosting option that allows sites to use the available network capacity to handle periods of peak usage.

Business Hosting
Web hosting geared towards the mission-critical functions demanded by business-class customers.

ColdFusion Hosting
Web hosting that supports ColdFusion, a web application language introduced by Allaire and currently owned by Macromedia.

Colocated Hosting
When one party houses their web server(s) at another company's location for Internet connectivity.

Data Transfer
The total amount of outbound traffic from a website*, typically measured in gigabytes (Gb).

Dedicated Hosting
Hosting option whereby the host provides and is responsbile for the equipment, dedicating an entire server to the client's websites.

Dedicated IP
An IP address dedicated to a single website.

Disk Space
The amount of hard drive space on the server that is available to your websites.

Domain Name System, a distributed directory used to translate between IP addresses and domain names.

Domain Name
A name that uniquely identifies a website.

Domain Parking
Providing a nameserver for domains that do have their own hosting yet.

Ecommerce Hosting
A hosting plan option that allows a merchant to accept orders online.

Email Forwarding
Automatically sends email messages from one email address to another email address.

Email Hosting
Web hosting plan that allows users to send and store email, may or may not come with hosting for a website.

A security system that prohibts unauthorized access to a network.

Free Web Hosting
Web hosting offered without monetary cost.

FrontPage Extensions
A set of server add-ons scripts and programs that enable the special functions of Microsoft FrontPage.

FrontPage Hosting
A web hosting plan that supports FrontPage, a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) website building tool from Microsoft.

File Transfer Protocol, protocol used to transfer files over the Internet.

High Bandwidth Hosting
Web hosting with capacity to handle higher-than-average traffic volumes.

Internet Information Services, a web server software from Microsoft.

IP Address
Internet Protocol Address, a number used to uniquely identify a computer or device on an internal network or the Internet.

Linux Hosting
Web hosting that supports Linux, an open source operating system that was derived from Unix.

Load Balancing
Dividing the load of a single website or service over several web servers.

Log Analyzer
A program that takes a server's "raw" log file data and summarizes it into easily-understood reports.

Log File
A file that records the activity of a web server.

Multi-Domain Plan
A web hosting plan option that allows multiple domain names to share the resources of the single hosting account.

.NET Hosting ("dot net")
Web hosting that supports .NET, an application framework by Microsoft.

Fiber optic connection capable of transfering data at 51.85 Mbps.

Fiber optic connection capable of transfering data at 155.52 Mbps.

Fiber optic connection capable of transfering data at 622.08 Mbps.

Fiber optic connection capable of transfering data at 1.244 Gbps.

Fiber optic connection capable of transfering data at 2.488 Gbps.

Fiber optic connection capable of transfering data at 9.952 Gbps.

PHP Hosting
Web hosting that supports PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor, an open source server-side scripting language.

Raw Logs
Another name for a server's log files, the line-by-line activity of a server, not the summaries of this activity.

Reseller Hosting
Arrangement whereby a company selling hosting to consumers uses the datacenter and equipment of another company.

Setup Fee
A one-time fee paid by a hosting client to at the beginning of a new hosting contract.

Shared Hosting
Hosting option whereby several client websites are housed on and share the resources of a web server.

Shared IP
An IP address shared by multiple websites.

Shopping Cart
Software used to make a site's product catalogue available for online ordering, whereby visitors may select, view, add/delete, and purchase merchandise.

Site Monitoring
A service that regularly checks a site and alerts the administrator in the event of a problem.

Secured Sockets Layer, a protocol enabling encrypted, authenticated communication over the Internet

A transmission line capable of transfering data at 1.544 Mbps.

A transmission line capable of transfering data at 44.746 Mbps.

Unix Hosting
Web hosting that supports Unix, an operating system that comes in several proprietary versions.

Unlimited Bandwidth
A claim that users of a hosting plan will not be charged extra fees for very high levels of data transfer. *

Uptime Guarantee
An assurance that a hosting company's uptime will meet an agreed-upon percentage.

Web Hosting
The business of providing the storage, connectivity, and services necessary to serve files for a website.

Web Hosting Control Panel
A web interface offered by hosting companies so customers can administer their account.

Web Mail
Email that is accessed via a web browser.

Web Server
A computer that stores web pages and delivers them on request to the web browsers of client computers.

Windows Hosting
Web hosting that supports any version of Windows, a family of operating systems by Microsoft.


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